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This is my first book, limited edition, self-published collection of what I think to be the funniest and most interesting ideas that I drew throughout years! 
I usually start to draw with a prompt - a word or two, or a sentence for subject, and I noticed that for some reason, usually the first ideas that come up to mind are the best ones. And that’s why I called it “Ideas from the top of my head”. As such, the works may seem pretty random, but it is after all - an idea book - any page you open can give you a taste of something new and different. 
Its 30 pages are jam-packed with over 70 cartoons and illustrations, not counting the comic strips, with only a little empty space in the end, where I sketch and write a personal message for the owner of the book.
This is my second book, self-published in 2017. I titled it “Inky works”, because all the works it contains were drawn on paper with ink of one kind or another. If you liked Ideas from the Top of My Head, I think you’ll find this one entertaining as well. I wanted it to be more legible than the first one, so I purposefully tried to keep it lighter and less cramped.

Contact me if you're interested in purchasing a book.

I can also offer prints and cards of my art, as well as some originals.

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